– A More Elegant Way to Download Instagram Slideshows

Due to copyright concerns, Instagram officially does not provide any function like ‘save photo’, ‘save video’, or ‘save slideshow’ to your mobile device or PC. However, sometimes people would like to save their friends’ or family’s pictures so that they can remember that moment.

Between the most interesting tools and DownloadGram that solved this problem is

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It allows you to save Instagram slideshows, which means photos and/or videos in one Instagram feed.

This is what you need to do for basic usage:

  • Copy Instagram Feed URL to download photos, videos and slideshows.
  • Paste Instagram Feed URL to to download slideshows.

To download slideshows, it is so easy with this wonderful Instagram slideshow website.

You can also use the quick method by copying “url of slideshow” from Instagram.

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For our case, we choose barakoubama.

Then click on:  Download now.

A window appears of different pictures of the same slideshows, you can choose the photo you want and click on download.

In addition, you can save it on your desired folder.

It works like a charm.

Downloading Instagram photos and videos is not a hard problem to solve, especially when you are doing this with an Instagram slideshow maker like It makes this simple thing more efficient and elegant.

You can use also Instagram slideshow app on android or find it in the app store.