Instagram: You Can Now Republish a Story in Which You Are Identified!

Instagram has announced a change for the stories feature. We can now republish a story that identifies us!

Now, when someone identifies you in their Instagram story, you can instantly republish it and add the picture or video to your own story.

This feature, called @mention Sharing, sounds like good news for Instagram users.

But, how does it work?

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The feature starts when you identify a user in your own story. A window will then appear explaining: “the mentioned users can repeat this story for 24 hours.”

The person mentioned will receive a notification, indicating they have been identified in a user’s story. This notification will contain a link: “Add this to your story.”

Once published on your own story, the image, or video, from the story you were identified in can be modified by adding text, stickers, GIFs and other additions of your choice. So, we can modify the story and arrange it as we wish!

Instagram Says, ‘Stop Cyber Harassment!’

Instagram has decided to take action against online bullying on its social network platform. CEO, Kevin Systrom, has just announced the implementation of filters that hide comments that attack the user’s physique or personality.

The social network had already set up a system of filters last year. It was a matter of filling in a list of keywords in the application parameters. If one of these words was quoted in a commentary, it was then hidden.

However, Instagram has gone even further. Kevin Systrom wants to ban intimidating and offensive comments altogether, saying: “We do not tolerate intimidation on Instagram.”

These measures are mainly aimed at protecting the youngest members of the community, as Systrom states:

“Protecting the young members of our community is essential to make them feel comfortable expressing who they are and their concerns.”