How to Use Hashtags on Instagram in 2019

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What is a Hashtag and What Do You Do with Them?

A hashtag, or “#,” is a label for content used on social networks. 

Additionally, hashtags help viewers find content on a specific topic.

They also help increase followers, likes, and comments by generating more traffic to your posts.

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To generate traffic to your posts and gain followers, you’ll need to think carefully.

Thus, only use hashtags related to the products/services/images you promote.

Remember: followers that do not match your target won’t bring you business but may instead bring you spam.

No matter what your Instagram account is for, hashtags increase the visibility of your account.

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Why Use Hashtags?

Supposing that you are millennial, you likely grew up with a smartphone in your hands.

As such, it’s easier for you to understand the concept of e-reputation.

However, e-notoriety is not just a schoolyard contest. Consequently, brands need to develop their territory by making themselves known.

Social media is a powerful lever that must be taken seriously by you and your employees.

You can increase the notoriety and virality of your posts by publishing only your best shots with the top hashtags.

But, be smart about it too.

Popular hashtags, such as #love and #likeforlike, have become overused. Unfortunately, they won’t help you gain Instagram followers with a real interest in your account.

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How Do Hashtags Work on Instagram?

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Whenever you use a hashtag on your photos or videos, you automatically appear on the page associated with that hashtag on Instagram:

  • Instagram hashtag for likes
  • Food
  • Weddings
  • Travel
  • Hashtag of the day
  • Etc.

When you use a hashtag, the goal of the game is to position yourself at the top of the list in the top 9 of the posted publications. 

By achieving this goal, you can expect to attract people that look for photos or videos on Instagram using these keywords.

Positioning Yourself Using Hashtags

The positioning in the top 9 of each hashtag depends on the factors considered by Instagram’s algorithm:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Velocity – interaction speeds right after posting your photo
  • Previous positions with the same hashtag

Once you publish a photo with a hashtag, Instagram reviews your audience’s behavior. 

As a result, if the photo receives many interactions right after it’s posted, chances are, it’ll quickly become visible in the top 9 of the chosen hashtags.

This, of course, also depends on the competition.