How to split a photo into several images on Instagram (instagram puzzle)

you may have already seen large photos or panoramic images spread over several posts? You want to impress your subscribers on Instagram and win new followers with this instagram grid or puzzle technique? but you don’t know how?

it’s very simple!!!!!

If you know a little bit about Instagram, here’s the trick to getting there!

With several android or ios applications and software, it has become very easy to divide your photos into several grids, you can also use touch-up tools and your favorite filters to give an attractive image.

Splitting your images into mosaics will allow you to present larger photos on your Instagram account, divided into small fragments, let’s start:

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You can use the application:

-Pic Splitter ( iOS or Android) free application from which you can create up to 9 images mosaics (3 x 3, 1 x 3, 1 x 3, 2 x 3, 3 x 2 or design your own) from a photo.

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You can post your panoramic photos and puzzle in just a few clicks after dividing in a few seconds! it’s very easy!
You can also use: Grid Maker for Instagram app on android!
-Tile pic: a software for editing and creating banner images: Same principle of the application.

The only disadvantage for this division of panoramic photos is that the “puzzle” ends up shifting from time to time as the posts go by, this technique remains very useful to post quality photos on Instagram, instead of just the small thumbnails. A very good idea for your future travel photos? no?