How to repost on Instagram a photo or video?

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If there is one thing that brands have understood on social networks, it is the importance of sharing content with Internet users. However, Instagram does not offer content sharing as instinctively as on other platforms. That is why we explain how to republish other users’ Instagram photos and videos while respecting their respective copyrights.

Instagram’s Repost involves a few tricks to share someone else’s content. And this nuance is important: there is a difference between appropriating someone’s content (speaking on their behalf) and sharing another user’s content, by putting their nickname on their own profile. The small obstacle that we notice concerning the Repost Instagram is that we cannot share a photo in instant because the creators have always insisted on putting forward the idea of “living in the moment”.

Share the photo from another account on Instagram

As explained above, you cannot share content directly on Instagram while the application allows you to share photos on Facebook, Instagram Messenger, Twitter or copy/paste the URL.

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Solution N°1:  Share manually a photo on Instagram

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The manual technique is the fastest: just make a screenshot of the photo in question and republish it as if it were yours, by cropping it. Don’t forget to indicate the source and photo credit of the original photo. You must have the approval of the author of the photo before re-posting it.

Solution N°2: an application to make a Repost on Instagram

Otherwise, there is a good application to share content: Repost for Instagram, available for free on Android and iOS: Repost for instagram. The little extra of this application is that it allows you to share any content (both photo and video) without losing quality. To share: copy and paste the url of the image you like (by pressing the three small dots at the top right), open the application. You will see the content you just copied and pasted, all you have to do is choose the location and color of the application logo that will appear on the post. Add the source and photo credit, and you’re done!