How to have collaborations with an influencer on Instagram, Facebook, or youtube ?

Did you know that influence marketing is a technique that also works very well for small businesses and niche markets?

No matter the size of your company and your budget, there are necessarily influencers in your industry. A person with an Instagram account, blog or YouTube channel that is well followed by a community of like-minded people can help you to promote your brand and products through collaboration.

Are you new to online marketing? Find out in a few steps how to find your influencers, contact them and establish a partnership.

Influence marketing, a new phenomenon? Why is it interesting to work with an influencer for your online store?

Influencers are a source of confidence for consumers who are now reluctant to adopt old aggressive sales methods, a lever to gain in authenticity; they build brand awareness by promoting a brand and allow you to target the quality audience they have built. They create quality content for you on their platforms and generate sales. By partnering with an influencer, you reach a loyal and committed audience that will trust their choices.

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More than 75% of influencers prefer Instagram to other social networks to share their content on brands. for the simple reasons that we live in an era where the visual has gone beyond the word and because it is easier to create an image than to write an article.

Micro-influencers – the most popular choice, this category generates commitment for a good cost/result ratio, it masters its industry well thanks to their passion. It all depends on the relationship and interaction they have with their subscribers, not on the number of people who follow them.

With an influencer, you can develop your brand communication by reducing costs: Thanks to a large audience on multiple social networks, an influencer allows you to promote your brand or your products to potential prospects.

For example, you can offer products of your brand to an influencer followed by your target group. He will be able to promote it if he is satisfied. This form of partnership can therefore also be used for e-merchants with a small budget.

1 – How to choose the right influencer?

The good influencer is the one whose followers correspond to your target group. To find it, look through its posts and the comments below them.
Check the authenticity of influencer accounts: On Instagram for example, check likes, shares, and engagement in comments. Make sure they are not bots (automatic software) – they are fake accounts that allow you to increase the number of views and likes.

2 – How to contact an influencer?

To solicit the services of an influencer, it will already be necessary to establish an upstream relationship. They will appreciate being followed on social networks and seeing you interact on their publications. You also show that you know them – which will make first contact easier. This is called the potlach, the donation system: You give time, likes, goodies etc. – in exchange they will offer their time and network for collaboration…

E-mails and contact forms on blogs are the two preferred methods of contact for influencers, followed by social networks. Feel free to write a personalized and convincing pitch.

3- Some ideas for possible collaborations on Instagram and YouTube:

Product tests: you send your products to an influencer who will offer his opinion in exchange, usually by posting a post on Instagram or a video on YouTube.

Product placement: the influencer publishes a photo with your product. however, this publication must be signed with the words “sponsored”, “advertising”, or “ad”.

Shooting-pictures and shooting-videos: the influencer becomes a model for the duration of a shoot to illustrate the product sheets of your online store.

Unboxing: a very common practice on Instagram and YouTube where influencers open gift boxes and present the products received.

The capsule collection: you collaborate with an influencer by leaving him, for example, the creation of a new ready-to-wear line for your brand.

GIVEAWAYS: In collaboration with your brand, you create giveaways by establishing the rules of your choice. At the end of this game – the participants generally have the goal of winning your products – you gain visibility.

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For example, a mom influencer worked with a brand of educative toys for toddlers to offer a kids toys box to a winner of their Giveaway. Participants had to follow the Instagram accounts of the brand and identify three friends under the publication in question to be selected. The winner gets the box set, the influencer and the brand win followers and commitment.

The promo code: the most common method that consists in sharing a promotional code with an influencer. He will share the “good plan” with his followers, who will use it to make a purchase on your online store.

Integrate influencers into events: If you sell cosmetic products, why not invite a make-up artist to present a course with your products? The influencer can also be present to document an event in live-stream or live-tweet.