The Best Marketing Platforms for influencers & brands

Are you a micro-influncer that still can’t figure out how to
conclude collaborations or partnerships with brands!

you should know that instagram has become number 1 side photo sharing, it has managed to build a real notoriety.
So before you look for the best marketing platforms for instagram and the resources to boost your marketing.

Make sure you have the same subject on your instagram account, a coherent subject (travel, fashion, fashion, food…), quality photos… because these details attract much more brands.

Nowadays, microinfluencers are more in demand because they master their subjects, hence passion is the source of their motivation and avoids superficiality:: something that attracts in most cases even the big brands.

With the latest amazing statistics on engagement (likes and comments) and interaction with brands, Instagram offers many opportunities.

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whether it is you are a brand and you are looking to boost your sales & develop your notoriety on social networks. or influence to monetize your social networks through creative partnerships that are a tool that links brands and influences them (setting nerelation and winning customers).

Our review of the 8 best marketing influence platforms:
-Hivency for product placement with influencers,
-Octoly: the fashion and beauty products shop for influencers,

It should be noted that marketing influence platforms are constantly evolving. so please modify and update all your information after registering on the platform, be up to date! you will receive notifications every time by email…

It’s up to you to try them out and get an idea!