6 steps to make money from Instagram

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Many influencers monetize their accounts by publishing and sharing their photos daily on Instagram, facebook….Etc

Today, thanks to their reach and influence, Instagram creators have the opportunity to explore many sources of income; from building an empire to simply earning additional income and free gifts.

do you still have questions about how to monetize my account? How Instagram works and how much pays??!!

Don’t worry, today we will give all answers about this in some steps…

How many subscribers do I need to have to monetize my account?

Source : https://zen-promo.com/blog/post/how-to-increase-the-activity-of-subscribers-in-instagram

you should know that it is not important to have a large audience to start generating income on Instagram. (10,000 real subscribers with a high engagement rate (likes and comments) is more important in front of an account with 200,000 of fake followers).

So,  try to build a good audience that meets your industry, because more you have a higher level of engagement of your audience, the more brands and companies will be interested in your services.

here, we present for you 6 golden steps and tips to better generate income from Instagram:

1-Create an attractive account:

To do it, your username must be descriptive with diverse content, present relevant information in your biography, and choose a theme for your content without forgetting a good description of your content each time you publish!
try to post content several times a day, read comments and stay active on Instagram.

2-Create a strong community:

Source : https://www.inspiratti.com/build-instagram-community/1695/
  • Post regularly
  • Post quality photos
  • Have your own style
  • Keep an editorial line
  • Post comments on photos of the people you are following
  • Answer your followers
  • Use Hastags to get out in search engines
  • Try to become an expert in a sector (decoration, cooking, fashion, beauty, etc.) by having specialized content.
  • Promote your Instagram account on your various social networks
  • Organize GIVEAWAYS         

3-Use affiliate marketing:

how to become an affiliate? Unlike the influencer, whose objective is solely to increase brand awareness, the affiliate is more involved in selling the promoted products in exchange for a commission.

e is more involved in selling the promoted products in exchange for a commission.

The affiliate usually uses a traceable link or promotional code to track everything.

Instagram today gives influencers with more than 10,000 subscribers the opportunity to insert clickable links in their ads where there is a call to action such as Buy, Download, Learn More, etc.

Don’t forget to:

  • Respond to your customers’ requests
  • follow the brands you promote on Instagram
  • Like and comment on the posts of these brands
  • Find an affiliate service like: Clickbank, RewardStyle, Amazon Affiliate Program, Sharesale, Stylinity … ETC,
  • you make the online registration and you an account then you ask to work with a specific brand. All users that you will redirect to this company’s website via your Instagram account will earn you a commission.

4-Sell ​​your photos online or printed on objects:

Consider selling your photos: Although this option does not apply to all Instagram accounts, anyone with a good camera on their smartphone can take a photo, edit it and post it on their Instagram account.

You may find someone interested in buying your shots. To do that, try at the same time to:

  • Find an application to sell your photos
  • Mark your best photos with watermark
  • Post the retouched version of your photo with a price

5-Instagram partnership & collaborations:

Source : https://thecoffeedate.com/blog/how-to-collab-on-instagram
  • The sponsored posts of influencers, who are increasingly present on Instagram, can take different forms: from a simple photo of the product to be promoted, to instastories, to competitions in collaboration with a brand (you can read our article about how to create a collaboration with a brand).
  • In June 2017, Instagram introduced a new feature for more transparency on the advertising character of an influencer’s post: the mention “Paid partnership with…” . It informs about the commercial relationship that the influencer has with the brand, since it is illegal not to indicate that the content is sponsored (see Article L121-1 of the Consumer Code, which governs commercial information in particular).

6-Open your own online store:

On instagram, you might think that the only way to make money is to collaborate with brands. but why not create your own brand or shop?

By selling your own products, you do not need to worry about incorporating messages from other brands into your publishing strategy. Better yet, you could create your own brand when offering your own products for sale.

Remember: On Instagram, no money without a strong community!

Have you ever tried to monetize an Instagram account? What type of method did you use? Feel free to tell us in the comments!