13 Techniques to get more followers on Instagram!

Instagram is a robust advertising platform inherited from its Facebook parent company following the acquisition in 2012, it has become the preferred place for brands and bloggers of all categories…

In this article, we present for you 13 ways to have more engaged subscribers.

More followers on Instagram?
It’s possible! It’s possible!

to attract more users to your account, you will need to implement a number of methods: Some extremely basic ones like “Take beautiful pictures” but others more complex. Let’s get right to the point.

Before you start: The equipment

Whatever a mobile phone or professional camera, you need to choose the right equipment BEFORE:

Source : https://blog.getfluence.com/2018/09/06/le-marketing-de-confluence-la-strategie-digitale-de-demain/

1- Publish beautiful pictures!!!!!
2-Post photos from a professional camera
3- Edit your photos with professional software like: Layout, hyperclpase, boomering…etc
4- Be active and regular
5- Keep a clear editorial line
6- Have personality and engage your fans
7- Make contests games
8- Use hashtags
9- Post “stories” regularly
10- Synchronize your Instagram account with your other accounts on social networks
11-Tag influential people / accounts
12-Geolocate your photos
13-Read photos from other accounts

Of course, it is better to publish your own photos. This is what will make your account unique, give it a soul.

Source : https://es.digitaltrends.com/sociales/como-hacer-un-respost-en-instagram/

However, if you are really short of inspiration and have found a photo that you find so beautiful that you cannot resist the temptation to republish it, you can do so without forgetting to mention the source!

There are apps that do this directly by adding a small badge on the photo to indicate the account from which it comes, which I find respectful for the author.

Be careful not to publish only resumed photos. This must remain exceptional!